Waves Festival is about bringing together sustainability experts and enthusiasts to share innovative ideas, lessons learned and new thoughts for the future. Come and join the panel discussion with leading experts from the field and discover your favourite discussion lounge to learn e.g. how to choose the right organisational form for your impact business, how global inequality can be explored through empathy and empathic design and what can we in Finland do for climate change globally.

Waves Festival will also showcase some of the most interesting newcomer artists in Finland at the moment. These artists not only have a strong international potential, but they speak out and drive change for a more empathetic future. The Waves Festival music programme is curated by music industry visionary Pietari Pyykönen who has previously created clubs such as Olohuoneklubi & Tavastian Sunnuntait.


Welcome, drinks, Test Site tour, music | MYÖS


Waves TALK: Introduction + main panel


Discussion lounges | drinks, snacks, music | MYÖS


Waves TALK: Conclusion


Music | Jesse Markin


Music | New Ro


Music | MYÖS

Main panel

Go Beyond: Pioneering impact entrepreneurship

We need to go beyond ourselves, our comfort zones and our organisational boundaries in order to solve the complex sustainability challenges this planet faces. The panel will discuss how entrepreneurs, policymakers, funders and researchers have Gone Beyond for the sake of sustainability.

Moderated by Sara Lindeman
Panelists: Atte Harjanne, Inka Mero, Martijn Blom, Eva Wissenz, Larissa Leppänen

Discussion lounges with researchers and guests

1. Beyond boundaries: Global inequality explored through empathy and empathic design

Inequalities are increasing globally creating boundaries for the less privileged ones. In this discussion, we will focus on boundaries in a global context. We will explore boundaries in geographical, cultural, social, and economic dimensions through an empathic approach. In a practical way, we will discuss how to exercise empathy towards those who are close to us and those who are further away.

Through personal stories, we will investigate how we, who participate in this discussion, experience boundaries. We will dive deep into one example that we collectively choose as a good representation of the challenge of boundaries and we will then look for ways to meet this challenge.

The discussion will utilise Socratic dialogue as a method.

Hosts: Helena Sandman & Marleen Wierenga; Moderator: Kim Wikström; Guests: Sini Numminen

2. Beyond the 3 sectors: What’s the right organisational form for impact business?

Impact entrepreneurship challenges the boundaries between NGOs and business. Come and discuss how pioneers have tackled this issue in Finland. Which organisational form to choose: an NGO or a limited company or something in between? How to finance the early phases and how to partner across sectors internationally?


Hosts: Sara Lindeman & Sini Suomalainen; Guest: Antti Virolainen from Sharetribe

3. Beyond Finland: What can we do for the climate globally?

Let’s extend the climate discussion. We can Go Beyond taking care of our own turf. Join us in our discussion of how Finnish actors can contribute to climate solutions globally, for example by ensuring sustainable forestry in Eastern Africa—one of the most important and most threatened CO2 reserves in the world.

Hosts: Tatu Lyytinen; Guests: Thomas Selänniemi from Idufor, Emma Nkonoki


Jesse Markin

"Best newcomer of the year 2018"

Jesse Markin operates in the eye of electronic music, hip hop and indie pop with ease and authenticity. Markin’s lyrics are crafted with multiple dimensions and they’re not afraid to take a stance on large issues. The first singles “Treat” and “Blood” have given bliss to audience and critics, now awaiting the release of Markin’s debut album in May 2019. Soundi magazine titled Jesse Markin as their “best newcomer of the year 2018”.

New Ro

Versatile mastermind of feminist pop

New Ro is a versatile mastermind of feminist pop. Her bass driven tracks range from a darker club sound to poppier anthems, everything made specifically to empower the audience and make them dance. Her lyrics are direct, brutally honest and straight to the point.

Party platform and co-care network

MYÖS is a Helsinki based DIY collective, party platform and co-care network for genre-fluid electronic music DJs, producers, organizers, party lovers and allies of currently underrepresented actors in the Helsinki club scene, and anyone in favor of a safer space to party in. MYÖS aims to increase diversity, inclusivity and respectful behaviour in the local party scene to make it more welcoming and safer for all of us. At Waves Festival, we will enjoy sets from three MYÖS DJs – at 16-17, 18-19 and the party set at 21.30 to 23.

Festival for social innovation and impact entrepreneurs

8th of May 2019 at Aalto Campus
A Grid, Otakaari 5A, ESPOO

Sara Lindeman New Global project manager and researcher +358 50 448 5040
Sini Suomalainen Media, collaborator, exhibitors +358 50 300 1379
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